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relocating an SVN repository

Had a problem relocating (i.e. pointing to a new URL or Path) a checked-out subversion repository with svn switch –relocate FROM TO It kept reporting that my old path (FROM) was ‘not the root of the repository’. Thanks to Nelson … Continue reading

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Markets: Bubble warning | The Economist

Markets are too dependent on unsustainable government stimulus. Something’s got to give via Markets: Bubble warning | The Economist. “THE effect of free money is remarkable. A year ago investors were panicking and there was talk of another Depression. Now … Continue reading

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Google: The Nature of the Other Juggernaut | The Virtual Circle

A lot of virtual ink has been spilt over the putative demise of Microsoft, or at least their interminable slide into irrelevancy. Robin Bloor joins the fray… Google: The Nature of the Other Juggernaut | The Virtual Circle.

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Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill…

via vowe dot net :: Bullshit and Brilliance.

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