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Google io

Google I/O  innovate in the open consensus model… not monopolization Client — Connectivity — Cloud ——————————— mainframe –> pc —> web power –> weak –> power easy deploy —> hard deploy —> easy deploy.

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Efficient Markets et al

Excellent discussion of efficient markets theory and related investment approaches from two of the most respected academics in the field Eugene Fama Ken French

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Kurzweil – the law of accelerating returns

A remarkable essay, if increasingly outlandish as he marches the reader inexorably towards the ‘singularity’. From extensive modeling of the historical data he develops a pretty compelling demonstration of the accuracy of what he terms the Historical Exponential View versus … Continue reading

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Katter’s Philosophy of Doing Business

21 moral/ethical ways to do business better…

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Apparently, Mark Templeton, the CEO of Citrix, is considered a credible advisor to organizations considering the move to Service Oriented application infrastructure and a bright future of innovation and efficiency that IT can bring to business. I really don’t see where this credibility … Continue reading

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